13 February 2012

all i really want.

i was talking with my cousin today. (i have no sisters -- my cousins are the closest thing i have to sisters.) anyway. we were talking about our top ten. the top ten celebrities we would like to hook up with. or make out with. or just stare at. i thought it'd be interesting to publish my list. lists, rather. i have multiple lists. feel free to comment with your own, as well. here goes:

top ten female actors...in no particular order
  1. kate beckinsale
  2. olivia wilde
  3. jennifer aniston
  4. rachel mcadams
  5. emma watson
  6. natalie portman
  7. mila kunis
  8. mary elizabeth winstead
  9. blake lively
  10. evan rachel wood

top ten male actors...in no particular order
  1. robert downey, jr.
  2. shemar moore
  3. brad pitt
  4. matt bomer
  5. bruce willis
  6. matthew gray gubler
  7. joseph gordon-levitt
  8. mark wahlberg
  9. hugh grant
  10. ryan reynolds

top five female musicians -- okay. i know 2-4 are sort of cliche. but really. we're going on appearance here.
  1. juliet simms
  2. shakira
  3. christina aguilera
  4. britney spears
  5. carrie underwood

top five male musicians
  1. dave grohl
  2. trent reznor
  3. adam gontier
  4. damien rice
  5. david cook

top ten lesbians
  1. michelle rodriguez
  2. amber heard
  3. clementine ford
  4. kirsten vangsness
  5. rachel maddow
  6. leisha hailey
  7. naya rivera
  8. evan rachel wood (bisexual)
  9. brandi carlile
  10. jane lynch

if i were a boy -- top ten gays
  1. matt bomer
  2. neil patrick harris
  3. nathan lane
  4. ian mckellen
  5. anthony rapp
  6. wentworth miller
  7. jay brannen
  8. alan cumming
  9. rupert everett
  10. george michael

people who are now dead, but i would've gone for in their day
  1. audrey hepburn
  2. cary grant
  3. grace kelly
  4. gene kelly
  5. james dean
  6. natalie wood
  7. gregory peck
  8. ginger rogers
  9. twiggy (not dead, but i would've only gone for her in the 60s)
  10. heath ledger

bye for now.

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