27 February 2012

lost my mind. want you to stay.

mkay. so, i came across this blog post the other day. at the time, i was thinking about relationships and love and how messed up people get when their hearts have been broken. how jaded people can be -- and how easy it is to become so.

i haven't been in an official relationship in...three years, eight months, and four days. but who's counting? ha.

that isn't to say that i've been "single" for the same amount of time. i've had "flings." and "pseudo-relationships." and "non-relationships" that were definitely relationships but we didn't want to refer to it as such. heaven forbid people be committed to one another. in that respect, i've been on my own for...six weeks or so. perhaps seven.

and each encounter that i have with another human being leaves me more terrified of commitment, creates more trust issues, and results in more emotional scarring.


anywho. i liked this blog post. so, here you go:

lez be honest: a lesbian blog: My generation: definitely not together and sure as...

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