19 February 2012

sweet dreams and flying machines.

i love covers.

great covers allow you to experience a song in a completely different light. thus, you have two great songs to add to your music library.

favorite covers:

  1. fire and rain -- dido (james taylor)
  2. landslide -- smashing  pumpkins (fleetwood mac)
  3. hallelujah -- brandi carlile (leonard cohen)
  4. hurt -- johnny cash (nine inch nails)
  5. glory box -- john martyn (portishead)
  6. tie between how come you don't call me anymore -- alicia keys (prince) and one -- howie day (u2)
  7. one -- apocalyptica (metallica) 
  8. the fiddle and the drum -- a perfect circle (joni mitchell)
  9. make you feel my love -- adele (bob dylan)
  10. i will follow you into the dark -- amy millan (death cab for cutie)
honorable mention: can't find my way home -- eric clapton and george harrison (steve winwood/blind faith)

jay brannan and a perfect circle have cover albums that i love dearly. there's a tribute album of joni mitchell stuff that i also enjoy. james taylor, prince, k.d. lang. it's great stuff. eric clapton has a collaboration album with steve winwood that is full of goodness. i've spent hours watching videos from brandi carlile concerts in which she performs covers of ray lamontagne, queen, radiohead, and others. make you feel my love and hallelujah have been covered by a hundred different people, and i have my list of favorites. i adore everything apocalyptica does. foo fighters win my heart with all their covers and cover attempts as well, from tiny dancer to blackbird -- their cover of prince's darling nikki was originally on this list.

that is all for the time-being. go listen to some good music, now.

bye for now.

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