26 February 2012

you know, wherever i am, i'll come running.

today was a marvelous day.

it was the perfect balance of productiveness, social interaction and me-time.

i went out with my dear friend whom we shall refer to as john. john and i drove around, went to dinner, and grabbed shakes afterward -- all while people-watching, which is a beloved pastime of ours. we talked. we speculated. we laughed. we ate. it was the best way to spend a saturday evening.

and as i was out with john, i was reminded how lucky i am to have the people who are in my life.

because this is the first time in my life that i haven't been in a toxic, manipulative, or otherwise unhealthy relationship with another human being. there are relationships in my life that are complicated. there always will be. but. few though they may be, the people in my life are a strong support system.

and i give them my loyalty and trust in return. 

thank you.

bye for now.

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