14 February 2012

you were meant for me.

valentine's day is one of my least favorite days of the year. i've always been single on valentine's day. i'm not bitter. i've just never had reason to celebrate the holiday. as such, i don't have many holiday "traditions."

however, i have one tradition of watching chick flicks every valentine's day. here is my list of my top ten  favorites. in order.
  1. breakfast at tiffany's
  2. you've got mail
  3. two weeks notice
  4. kate and leopold
  5. moonstruck
  6. serendipity
  7. sleepless in seattle
  8. she's the man
  9. french kiss
  10. notting hill
a lot of meg ryan. i know. so, while everyone else is going to see the vow and then getting their makeout on, i'm spending my day watching chick flicks. i hope to, at some point, order pizza. perhaps some cookie dough. maybe i'll paint my nails. do laundry. chill. this is the single life. :)

bye for now.

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