03 March 2012

life is still worthwhile.

so...i frequently focus on the negative things in life. i was going over my recent blog posts, and they contain most of the same themes: life is scary; trying to change; sea of depression; and the like. it isn't my intent to post the same general idea, reformatted, over and over. that's why we have hollywood. therefore, here is a posit on things that inevitably make me smile:

  1. snarky comments. i adore witty people. i greatly admire witty people who have the talent to present their peanut gallery comments via sarcasm, and the courage to verbalize these remarks.
  2. texts from my brother. the bond between us has been forged mainly through hours of watching movies together, as well as enduring family gatherings. he doesn't typically communicate with me unless we are in the same room. but. any time i get a text from him, i smile.
  3. smoothies. no need to elaborate.
  4. people-watching with kate. i've mentioned kate before -- my nearest/dearest friend. we like to pick out people and make up stories about their lives. a sure-fire way to brighten my mood.
  5. boybands. 90s child. my first two cds were backstreet boys' and *nsync's first albums. my roommate once took a video of me singing "i want it that way" while getting ready, using a curling iron as a mic.
  6. audrey hepburn. people think i am obsessed with audrey. they are correct. she is beautiful, sophisticated, talented. pictures of her makes me smile. however, breakfast at tiffany's makes me cry.
  7. clean towels, fresh from the dryer. the warmth. the smell.
  8. pictures of kitties. different from cats. kitties are incredibly cute cats.
  9. ihopericksantorum.tumblr.com. don't click on the link if you're easily offended. but, i think rick santorum is the most frightening thing to happen to american politics in the 21st century. yes, this includes george w. bush, john mccain and sarah palin. these are just things people hope happen to beloved rick. "I hope Rick Santorum tries to rip a sheet of paper out of a spiral note book and misses the perforation every time." that makes two of us.
  10. cute moments between couples and potential-couples on tv shows. sara and neal from white collar. castle and beckett from castle. anyone from modern family. it's the same satisfaction that comes at the end of two weeks notice when sandra and hugh finally kiss.

bye for now

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