25 March 2012

when the night falls in around me.

most of my nights are spent being unproductive. i get distracted from tasks that should have my focus (homework. homework. more homework.) and do things like watch episodes of tv shows or blog.

lately, i've been making travel plans. i don't plan on travelling anyplace, any time soon, but i like to make plans nonetheless. it takes my mind away from here, my malice-filled apartment, and to a place where i can be invisible.

where i can do my own thing, without having it cause drama amongst other human beings.

recent destinations? victoria. london. tuscany. prague. santorini. stateside? new orleans. vermont. boston. portland, oregon.

and if i could take someone with me? if i could take someone and just pick up right now, and run away to...europe, preferrably. that thought sends a tingling sensation down my spine. the thought of leaving this place, of starting over, of blending in and seeing the world. of exploring. of witnessing the beauty that everywhere else has to offer. of just knowing that i'd gotten out; that i can get out. man. that's a marvelous thought.

bye for now.

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