04 April 2012

how appropriate.

this is a list of things that i've done recently that were probably inappropriate.  for the record, some of the things were accidental, like the thing with the maintenance man this morning.

  1. asked the pizza guy to be our third person in a threesome with myself and my roommate.
  2. answered the door in nothing but a bathrobe, and then accidentally flashed the maintenance man as i was getting my laundry out of the dryer.
  3. made out with my roommate -- again.
  4. answered the door in boxers and a tank-sans-bra, then invited the two guys from church to come in, sit down, and talk to me about jesus.
  5. hit on the cute delivery girl, who was probably straight.
  6. flirted with a girl at work and invited her to do kinky things with me -- while other members of my team were present.
  7. blogged about my underwear. :)
  8. gave my internet password to my younger brother so he could watch porn.
  9. told my partner at work that i was on drugs -- it was only ativan, but i figured someone needed to know, in case something happened to me and i was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.
  10. fantasized explicitly about hooking up with a girl, while (in real life/in person) she was asking me about heading up a latin study group for the summer and telling me about being back together with her boyfriend.

bye for now

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