01 May 2012

four in the morning and the tears are pouring.

embarking upon a new phase of life...if only for a little while.

and it's slightly terrifying. i hate change.

and here i am, at four in the morning.

i can't sleep. the weather is acting up. i'm stuck in my head, thinking about how different the next four months of my life are going to be, compared to the last twenty.

and i shouldn't be crying. i'm not angry. i'm not upset. i'm a little frightened, but i will be okay.

i'm not losing anyone.

i had a dream, one night last week, that i was.

but i'm not.

so i should be fine.

i'm not, currently.

but i will be, i guess.

there aren't many other options to be had. pout. sulk. begrudge. get over it.

take the opportunity to explore a new phase. i think that's the direction i will be heading.

anyway. here goes another attempt to sleep.

bye for now.

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