05 May 2012

lost myself in a familiar song.

so. this morning, i was sleeping. soundly. on my mother's couch. then, my mother decided it was prudent to wake me up. it was...10:30. i went to sleep around...4:30. i don't know about you, but unless there is an essay involved, my days of surviving on six or fewer hours of sleep are over.

so. this morning, as my mother was getting ready, i walked around the house belting "hey jude."

my mom dislikes the beatles.

she got upset.

i told her that if she doesn't want me to retaliate, she shouldn't wake me up by opening the blinds and letting the sun shine directly in my face before 11 in the morning. at the earliest.

so. word to the wise. firstly, don't wake me up before 11. it's actually wiser if you don't wake me up before 1, but i know that sometimes this sin't possible. secondly, don't make known your immense distaste for bands whose songs i may know. or, i will use that against you.

thirdly, have a pleasant weekend. :)

bye for now.

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