09 May 2012

my favorite things.

i have vices. everybody has vices.

one of these vices of mine is brown and bubbly and is best when it comes in a can.

i am addicted to dr. pepper.

this addiction has been made evident over the past ten days, wherein i have been staying at my mom's house. my mom also has a dr. pepper addiction. as such, there is always dr. pepper in her pantry. i wake up, walk to the pantry, open a can, take a sip, sigh with relief, and go about my day. before work, i grab a can, open, sip, sigh, and make my way to work. after work, i repeat the cycle. then i sleep, wake up, and start all over.

i measure my life in cans of dr. pepper.

what's your vice?

bye for now.

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