21 May 2012

please don't stop the music.

why is it that animated movies have such great soundtracks? here are some of my favorites:

  • anastasia
  • tarzan
  • mulan
  • hercules
  • hunchback of notre dame
i also love the scores of various movies...like the incredibles, or up.

i was listening to opera, earlier this morning. okay, at like 3:45 am. i was listening to la boheme. it's my favorite opera, right now. i think about opera, and about movie soundtracks, and about great musicians and songwriters, and can't even imagine having those abilities. to piece together little black dots on lines and create a masterpiece. to be an innovator. music is such an important part of my life. sometimes, i take time to just sit and revel in its beauty. whether that's while listening to chopin or clapton, it doesn't matter.

i apologize for my blogging absence. i've been doing some...soul-searching, i guess.

bye for now.

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