11 May 2012


sometimes, bad things happen. sometimes, bad things are caused by people.

sometimes, we can't determine whether people who cause bad things are actually bad people. but, sometimes, it doesn't matter if they're bad people or not. their status as good or evil is irrelevant. they caused you pain, and therefore they will forever remain, for you, enshrouded in a blanket of...bad. dark. scary.

sometimes, these people go away for a time. and then, sometimes, they come back.

sometimes it is all you can do to hold yourself together. sometimes, you relive the bad when the thought crosses your mind that you may, one day, cross paths with this person once again.

sometimes this thought makes you cry. and unable to sleep. and then you blog about it at 5:30 in the morning.

sometimes you need someone to tell you that it is going to be okay, when you have no idea how anything could ever be 'okay' again.

sometimes, you become that person, telling yourself that it will be okay when you have no idea how it ever could be. 'okay,' that is.

sometimes, your only other choice is to give up. but you aren't ready to give up. so you tell yourself, 'it will be okay.'

and then, sometimes, you go to sleep. and dream of a life in which it is. 'okay.'

bye for now.

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