29 November 2012

back again.

so, basically, i bailed on thankful november. not that i haven't been thankful for all sorts of things throughout the month. i have. i just haven't been blogging because, well, everything sort of turned to shit.

well. my health turned to shit.

so, i apologize for my absence. i don't really know what to write about. i could tell you all about how half my face is paralyzed and all i want is pain meds so i can function. or i could tell you about how my bestie is a rockstar and has been so great throughout the past few weeks of insanity. or i could tell you about how i lost twelve pounds in a week (not a good thing. even though i could lose twelve pounds four more times, and be very happy. but, twelve in one week...mostly because i don't eat...because it hurts to chew...it isn't healthy). or i could tell you about finals. or christmas shopping. or how bill o'reilly doesn't think christianity is a religion (it's a philosophy), but judaism is. or how i had two thanksgivings. or how awesome the trans-siberian orchestra concert was.

i have all kinds of things to tell you.

but, truth be told, i'm exhausted. mostly because i'm in pain, so i sleep like shit. in any regard, my brain isn't functioning in writing-mode.

so, i'm here. i'm alive-ish, and partially functional, and will try to resume contributing to the blog-o-sphere in a somewhat timely fashion. in the meantime...be good to yourself.

bye for now.

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