05 November 2012

home will be where the heart is.

5 nov 2012:

i am grateful for home. i've moved like nine times in the past three-ish years. i have a LOT of crap, and each move is difficult. i never fully unpack, because i'm not sure how long i'll be staying. i've lived out of boxes and bags, mostly, since i graduated from high school. right now, i'm taking a break from unpacking. i'm in a new(ish) place, and i'm trying to find a place for everything to belong. but, there are little things that transform wherever i am into 'home,' so to speak.

i'm sort of like linus, from peanuts. i have a blanket that goes with me everyplace. okay, not everyplace. just every place where i plan on sleeping. and no matter where i move, if i can fall asleep on the bed (or couch, or floor) while curled beneath my blanket, i am okay.

i have an audrey hepburn obsession. and wherever i am, i have to put up pictures of the classiest human being to ever walk the earth. and her face brings me comfort. :) creepy? perhaps. i'm over it.

i'm learning more and more that home is a concept. a state of mind, that comes about from a feeling of security. and as i learn to be more secure with myself, home goes with me wherever i go. i love that.

bye for now.

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