06 November 2012

love in a family dose.

6 nov 2012:

today, i am grateful for my soul-sisters. i don't have sisters, as i've stated in previous posts. i have three younger brothers whom i love with all my heart, and i am indeed grateful for all of them, and do not wish that any of them had been sisters instead of brothers. moreover, i've really liked being the only girl in the family. however, i do have a few cousins who are the closest i've gotten to having sisters. they have been with me through all the shit that has happened in my life, be it abusive relationships or mental breakdowns or pity parties or identity crises. and they've been with me through all the good, as well. each of our lifestyles is very different from the others', and it's doubtful that we would ever have become friends had we met in some other way, and not been born into the same extended family. but we're tight-knit.

for awhile, i was unsure whether or not we'd still be close, if i were to come out as bisexual, or agnostic, or what have you. much of our closeness was built around growing up in the lds faith, and also around boy trouble. but, today, i learned that they will stand by my side and support me in whatever i believe, wherever i go, whomever i'm with, always...as long as i am happy.

years of abuse have sort of tainted my ability to comprehend that. i don't know what it means to have people be there for you without any provisos. well...i didn't. it has only been within the past ten months that i have been able to begin the process of coming to terms with that. and my soul-sisters have played a huge role in that process.

so. to my lovely soul-sisters: if you're reading this, know that i love you dearly. i am so happy to have you in my life, and am excited to see how our lives play out.

love always.

bye for now.

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