16 December 2012

i just want you to stay.

hello, lovely interwebbing people.

you may have heard that i have started a new blog. this is true! i am very excited about said blog. i've felt the need for some time to get my voice out into a more public sphere (simultaneously me learning to cope with my social anxiety and my fear of success, while getting feedback from people who are less intimately connected with me than those who read this blog, here). if you are interested, and have not yet seen my new place of bloggingness, check it out at mysecretcompartments.wordpress.com.

i do not plan on shutting down this blog, though. i need to speak my mind about things i do not yet feel comfortable discussing in front of the whole world. thus, this beautiful place will stay open, until further notice.

i have an abandonment complex. i feel like the people i love always leave me -- whether by choice or by forces outside their control, they leave. as such, i am always searching for people to latch on to. some semblance of stability.

i seem to have stopped trusting people i can touch. not all of them. most of them. in this beauteous age of technology and the ability to connect with people we cannot touch, i have begun to connect with writers, and their stories.

this is why i blog.

okay, it isn't the only reason i blog. but i blog because i am inspired by others who do so. who are brave and share their stories and their wit and their sarcasm and their insights. and i blog because i feel like it is cheating to read the words of others and not be willing to share my own.

that's all i really have to say, right now. but, it is officially break (yay!) between semesters...so i anticipate some interesting stories will arise over the next three weeks. i'll keep you posted?

bye for now.

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