29 January 2012


hey. i'm d.

i am a college student, studying literature. 
i grew up in a new-deal version of suburbia held together by a small-town sense of community. 
i love audrey hepburn. 
i am an old soul. 
despite my protestations, i manage to fall in love with people who don't feel the same way i do. 

and i always fall in love with my best friend. 

the name of my blog is taken from an indigo girls song; the address, from ani difranco. 
i appreciate the beatles as a powerful movement in the music world, but prefer to listen to their songs performed by other people. 
i love good covers of classic rock songs. 
i listen to all kinds of music, but i have a special place in my heart for jazz. 

i cried when etta james died.  

i said for years that i would be a dog person, if i weren't terrified of animals. that's a lie. i am a cat person. 
i collected quotations in high school. i don't collect anything, anymore. 
when i get depressed, i buy underwear. online. people can't see you cry when you shop online. 

i have a favorite blanket. 

i want to live in europe, which i know sounds cliche. 
i think there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual. 
i am a firm believer in the golden rule. it makes no sense to treat another human being differently from how you want to be treated. 

i'm a day-hiker. 

spumoni is my favorite flavor of ice cream. the chocolate part of spumoni ice cream is better than all other types of chocolate ice cream. 
i have high expectations for myself, but get easily discouraged. 
people tell me i'm stronger than i think i am. 

i don't like feet. 

my ideal partner is loyal, humble, patient, honest, affectionate, sophisticated, well-educated and has incredible communication skills. 
i believe in the equal distribution of wealth. 
i am not afraid of death. 

i am afraid of being alone. 

the people i love mean more to me than anything else.

if there is anything else you would like to know, just ask.

bye for now.