30 March 2012

i just made you say "underwear."

i'm having trouble sleeping, because i'm thinking too much...about sleeping. there are so many things to love about sleeping. pillows. blankets. darkness. dreaming. eye masks. cuddling with the bedding -- or with another person, if you are so fortunate. one of my favorite things about sleeping? pajamas.

pajamas are interesting, conceptually. i have found that what other people refer to as "pajamas" are not actually what they sleep in. when people say "pajamas," they are typically referring to flannel pants, basketball shorts, free t-shirts from various cultural/sporting/philanthropic endeavors, and the like. the things people put on when they wake up in the morning, before they leave the bedroom and are going to encounter other people. what most people actually sleep in? underwear. in some variation.

now, i have a slight underwear obsession. (not with other people's underwear. i just like to buy underwear. cute underwear. i have enough pairs of underwear to last me about a month and a half. i'm not sure how many pairs normal people have, but i've been told that is "a lot." anywho.) underwear is an integral part of the whole pajama situation. there are so many options, and what i'm wearing depends greatly on my mood/situation:

basic cotton bikini-cut panties -- paired with a tank top. typically a white one. ideal for nights when you (i) feel super girly, want to watch chick-flicks in bed and eat homemade baked goods. or smoothies.

lacy hipsters in bright colors -- perfect for any night/mood, but especially for sleepovers with straight girls. paired with black tank. elicits an "OMG those are so cute you look so guuuuuuuuuud" reaction. which, coming from a group of straight girls, isn't exactly a reliable opinion. but a confidence-booster nonetheless. also good to wear around apartment, when curling your hair and when getting ready for a night out.

lacy hipsters in black or dark navy -- my good-day/i'm-feeling-confident attire. also perfect for sleepovers. with straight boys, or girls looking to explore their sexuality. in which case, it doesn't really matter what you wear on top. but, button-up shirts are great. comfy. easy access ;)

lacy hipsters in white or "nude" -- ambivalent mood. tomorrow must be laundry day. worn with sports bra. because everything else needs to be washed.

thongs, lacy or otherwise -- awkward situation. i have mixed feelings on thongs. great for utilitarian purposes. like, to wear 'neath my pencil skirt that is REALLY tight. not having panty lines is marvelous. but, they're not so ideal for sleeping. in my humble opinion. i'd prefer sleeping in nothing to sleeping in these. that was probably more information than you needed to know. moving forward.

cotton-blend boyshorts -- my favorite. :) i wear these when i have had a rough day and need a hug, or when i'm feeling especially calm (which happens...almost never). though most of what i own is lace, i have a soft spot for cotton-blend boyshorts. they're the ultimate pajama option. and you can wear them with anything. seriously. sweatshirt? check. tanktop? check. zip hoodie? button-up? sports bra? triple check. though not all at once. my favorite pajama setup, though, consists of boyshirts and an oversized t-shirt. my most cherished combo? i have this red oversized tee that says "pulitzer prize winner (in training)." it is beyond comfortable, and i love wearing it mit my gray/white striped boyshorts. i always have good dreams when i wear them to bed. :) either the set has magical powers, or it is so comfortable that i'm able to actually relax and dream of happy things. though i'd prefer for it to be the first, i'm sure it's the second reason.

aaaaaaaand, now that you've awkwardly read about what i sleep in, i'm going to get some shut-eye. in boyshorts and an oversized tee, in case you were wondering. what do you wear to bed?

bye for now.

25 March 2012

when the night falls in around me.

most of my nights are spent being unproductive. i get distracted from tasks that should have my focus (homework. homework. more homework.) and do things like watch episodes of tv shows or blog.

lately, i've been making travel plans. i don't plan on travelling anyplace, any time soon, but i like to make plans nonetheless. it takes my mind away from here, my malice-filled apartment, and to a place where i can be invisible.

where i can do my own thing, without having it cause drama amongst other human beings.

recent destinations? victoria. london. tuscany. prague. santorini. stateside? new orleans. vermont. boston. portland, oregon.

and if i could take someone with me? if i could take someone and just pick up right now, and run away to...europe, preferrably. that thought sends a tingling sensation down my spine. the thought of leaving this place, of starting over, of blending in and seeing the world. of exploring. of witnessing the beauty that everywhere else has to offer. of just knowing that i'd gotten out; that i can get out. man. that's a marvelous thought.

bye for now.