23 July 2012

in the air tonight.

i just created the most lovely pandora radio station, and i had to tell someone.

i have this station called "dissolved girl radio." it's titled after my favorite massive attack song. the station was initially my trip-hop station. i love me some trip-hop. now, however, it is a mixture of trip-hop, industrial metal, and various bits of electronica and indie rock. at least, that's what we hope it'll be. it is comprised of song seeds, rather than artist seeds. so, we'll see how it turns out. :)

(for those of you who may not know how pandora works...you select artists or songs within the music genome project to act as "seeds" for your station. pandora then selects songs and artists that exemplify the same musical attributes as the seeds you selected, and plays them on your station. most of my pandora stations have 4 or 5 song or artist seeds. my dissolved girl station has 45 song seeds.)

the only issue is, it'll take awhile for all my thumbing-up and thumbing-down of songs to mold my creation into the masterpiece i intended it to be. so, that means suffering through a lot of what i didn't intend to be on the station.

but. once school starts, at the end of august, i will have created a masterpiece. a masterpiece that i can shuffle with my john williams or rachmaninoff or jacqueline du pre station to create the perfect soundtrack for a study session. it's all very exciting.

if you would like to check out my beautiful station, let me know and i will share it with you. :)

bye for now.