03 November 2012

it's just life.

i have been known to take things too seriously. imagine that. one of said things that i should be taking seriously, but i'm not, is my final paper situation for school. midterms are over (yay!) and the results are in from two-thirds of the instructors (100% in shakespeare, 94% in restoration and 18c british lit...not too shabby). now, attention must be directed toward final papers. three of them. 8-10, 10-12, and 12-15 pages in length. so...30-37 pages of composition within the next five weeks. the topics are as follows:

for shakespeare: something related to shakespeare. whether that be shakespeare himself, his plays, film or other story adaptations of his works, or works from which he borrowed ideas to create his plays. or something else that is somehow tied to shakespeare. shakespeare prison programs, for example, could work. research paper, including at least 6 outside sources. 12-15 pages. mla format. due 29 nov.

for contemporary american lit: something related to issues pertaining to contemporary america, that somehow ties back to themes or characters or authors studied and discussed throughout the semester. must make an original contribution to the academic discussion on chosen topic. 8-10 pages. due 11 dec.

for restoration and 18c brit lit: topic unknown. page requirement 10-12 pages. proposal due 19 nov. final paper due 7 dec.

so, naturally, i should start in chronological order. write a proposal for rest/18c. write shakespeare paper. write rest/18c paper. write contemp american paper.

nope. my brain is only functioning in contemp american mode. great stuff.

no big deal. it's just life. school. my future.

bye for now.

i want to thank you.

so...i've noticed that people are doing a thankful november thing. and...i know i'm a latecomer to the game, but i want to join the party. so. i'm playing catch-up. but. here we go:

01 november 2012:

i am thankful for my house. the house in which i grew up, and the house out of which i am currently getting ready to move. again. any time my world has fallen apart, i have put it back together within these walls. not always by myself, but always here. at home. i'm having a difficult time with this move. not because i'm not psyched to have a bed and to not have my dresser in the dining room, but because i am so damned attached to this house. it brings me peace. comfort. security. and for that, i will always be grateful.

02 november 2012:

i am thankful for bras. so. i know that those of you who read this blog probably know me in non-blog-world, as a human being. as such, you've met the girls. the girls are great. they're fun to squeeze and surprisingly perky for their size and almost symmetrical and the shade of porcelain i wish covered the rest of my body. despite the horrors they've been put through at the hands of other people (from boyfriends to girlfriends to serial gropers on the bus to the imagined mastectomies shot in their direction from disapproving relatives), the girls have been very, very good to me. in turn, i have tried my darnedest to be good to them. this includes cladding them in cute bras. bras that help keep them healthy, perky, and shapely, for longer. and if the day ever comes that the girls get sick, and have to be detached from me (it's a terrible thought, but there are familial precedents to consider), i will be grateful for bras and their ability to conceal this transition from the rest of the world, while i adjust. weird, i know. roll with it.

03 november 2012:

i am grateful for shaving gel. i spent the first decade of my shaving adventures not using shaving gel. i would shave dry, more often than not. it would take me over a year to go through a can of shaving gel. alas, as i've gotten older and my anxiety has gotten more out of hand, my skin has become more sensitive. i love shaving. shaving is a therapeutic ritual, for me. and shaving gel has made it possible for that ritual to continue, as opposed to shaving becoming this terrible ordeal. now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to take a shower. :)

more thankfulness to come, as november goes on. much love and good karma in your direction(s).

bye for now.

29 October 2012

my confession.

things that exacerbate my anxiety:

  • small children
  • church
  • uncooperative uteri
  • talking about money
  • not being able to split myself in two, so that i can take 24 credits next semester
things that calm me down:
  • josh groban
  • eating bananas
  • writing out my life on post-it notes
  • pictures of cute cats
  • twirling the hair at the nape of my neck
i'm stressed. i'm making lists, to stave off:
  • migraines
  • panic attacks
  • insomnia
  • breakouts
  • the rebellion of my digestive tract against the rest of my body.
breathing. in. out. in. out.

bye for now.